Summer Moving Tips for Dallas Residents

Summer can be an exciting time to move, but it’s not always easy. You would probably rather be grilling or swimming this time of year, not cleaning closets or bubble-wrapping your wine glasses. If you’re moving to Dallas for the first time, be prepared for triple-digit temperatures on moving day, so bring plenty of water bottles and keep the air cool in your new home while moving in.

Let’s talk about how to plan a successful move so you can beat the heat, make a seamless transition, and enjoy the rest of summer in your new Dallas area home.

1. Find the Perfect New Place

Packing and moving go much more smoothly once you know your destination. After you’ve chosen your next home or apartment, keep a floor plan handy so you can plot furniture arrangements and decide whether you need to shed some furniture or have room to expand.

2. Self-Packing or Using Professional Packers?

Many people prefer to pack their own stuff so that they can control the process and know that prized possessions are lovingly protected. On the other hand, professional packers are insured and trained on how to safely pack and transport all kinds of things. Just as importantly, your free time will remain free if you hire a packing service.

3. Declutter the Things You Don’t Need

When unpacking at your new home, it’s frustrating to discover that unwanted junk has made the move with you. Get rid of things now to save yourself unnecessary trouble and cost. Make sure everything passes a test (Have I used this in the past year? Will I regret it if I throw it away?) and then send things off by:

  • Donation
  • Recycling
  • Garage Sale
  • Trash

4. Schedule the Movers

Movers get very busy during the summer because it’s the best time to move for families with kids, college graduates are on the move, and various other reasons. Find professional local movers at the right cost and schedule the date. Beware of movers who charge premium prices on certain days.

5. Set Up Utilities

You’ll need air conditioning at your new place if you’re moving to Dallas in the summer. You’ll want the internet to be working ASAP, too. Schedule your utilities early so you don’t forget and in case of wait times for cable installation.

6. Prepare for Summer Heat

Although movers can do the hard work for you, summer moves still mean you’ll be dealing with the Texas heat. It’s hard to keep cool when the front door has to stay open while movers take things in and out of the truck. Keep plenty of bottled water on hand and make a plan for children and pets to stay cool and comfortable.

Moving In Dallas This Summer?

Big Tex Moving offers the same great service and flat hourly rates year round, so you can enjoy affordable, professional movers during the busy summer season.

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