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9 Tips to Start Your Apartment Move Right

In between finding the perfect apartment and getting settled in, there’s a lot of little tasks and errands. Normal life gets put on hold because you’re packing up kitchen utensils, boxing up towels and bed sheets, and then doing it all in reverse at the new pad.

Make sense of the mess by  following this simple checklist for moving into in a new apartment. And if you could use some help from professional packing and moving services in Dallas, let us know.

1. Read Your Lease

Not all apartment leases use the same rules. Make sure you know whether you can paint the walls, use a grill on the patio, get a large dog, and other fun stuff you’ll be tempted to do later.

2. Find and Report Existing Damage

Get more of your deposit back by reporting pre-existing problems at move-in. Snap some photos on your phone and let the landlord know immediately about issues such as carpet stains, broken door knobs, leaky faucets, or other issues that aren’t your fault.

3. Make Sure Electrical Outlets Work

Past tenants may not have reported problems like dead wall outlets. Similarly, they may have left burnt out light bulbs in overhead fixtures. Look for functional problems, not just cosmetic ones!

4. Locate Safety Devices & Make Disaster Plans

Find the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and check for working batteries. Locate or procure a fire extinguisher to place near the kitchen. Consider packing a go bag or storing supplies in case of power outages or tornadoes.

5. Update Your Address

Tell the post office to forward mail from your old address. Be sure to update the address with any magazines you receive, and update your info on any important websites.

6. Set Up Internet & Utilities

During busy times for moving in Dallas, local cable, internet, and phone companies might not have installation appointments right away. Schedule your services about a week before move-in day.

7. Bottled Water & Snacks for Move-In

Assume the kitchen won’t be ready right away. Plan on Whataburger doing the cooking at first, and bring a case of bottled water and snacks for yourself and your moving team.

8. Know Where Your Essentials Are

Think about your real priorities. Coffee, medications, hand sanitizer, phone charger—the list will vary for different people. Bring these in a tote bag or pack them in a box marked “open first.”

Still Need Movers?

Now’s the time to hire apartment movers instead of asking friends for help. Your friends will break your stuff and still expect you to buy lunch and beers.

Big Tex Moving starts at just $100 per hour for two clean-cut, professionally trained movers with a 26’ truck and supplies. We’re insured, too.

Our hourly movers can get the job done for you with no hidden fees and no riding the clock. Contact us to get a free estimate!

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